Ever wondered where to see the world’s most stunning sunsets? Nusa Penida, a beautiful island near Bali, is the place to go. It’s full of spots where you can catch the perfect evening view.

This island is like a painting come to life, especially at dusk. There are beaches with calm waters reflecting the sunset, and cliffs that stand tall over the sand. Nusa Penida has both peaceful beaches and exciting cliff views, so there’s something for everyone. Plus, it’s just a short 45-minute boat ride from Bali.

For the best sunset experiences, visit during Nusa Penida’s dry season, from April to October. Avoid going in the monsoon season when it rains a lot. Some sunset spots have food and places to stay, from fancy to simple. Secret Point Beach, for example, is quiet and beautiful, great for getting away from crowds. You can rent a scooter for around IDR 60,000 – IDR 80,000 a day to see these amazing places on your own time.

In the next parts, we’ll talk about specific places in Nusa Penida for unforgettable sunset views. Each spot has its own special beauty. Get ready to witness a natural show you won’t forget.

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Kelingking Beach

kelingking beach
sunset view of kelingking beach

Kelingking Beach has a unique T-Rex shape and is famous for its stunning sunset views in Nusa Penida. You can see bright white sands, clear turquoise waters, and a colorful sky from the cliffs, making it a top spot for watching the sun go down.

The hike down to the beach is hard and takes about two and a half hours. Approxiamtely 40 minutes are spent on the beach itself. Because of this, many choose to view the sunset from the top. The path is difficult, so be sure to bring lots of water, pack light, and avoid hiking in the midday heat.

Getting to Kelingking Beach is quite easy from Scuba Junkie Penida. It’s about a 45-minute journey. You can take a taxi for 550,000 IDR, with the driver waiting for you. This makes it a stress-free trip. For an adventurous option, scooters are available for rent at around 80,000 IDR. From Toyapakeh, which is a main pier in Nusa Penida, it’s about a 30-minute drive by car or scooter.

Because the beach is popular on social media and tourist itineraries, it can be very crowded. Arriving early is a good idea to find a great spot to watch the sunset.

Transportation OptionCost (IDR)Travel Time Notable Features
Taxi from Scuba Junkie Penida550,000 (round trip)45 minutesDriver waits as needed
Scooter Rental80,00045 minutesAdventurous journey
Taxi from Toyapakeh300,000 (round trip)30 minutesEasy and straightforward

Even with the crowd, the sunset at Kelingking Beach is an amazing experience. It’s often considered the best sunset spot in Nusa Penida. The breathtaking views make the long journey very rewarding and memorable for anyone who loves sunsets.

Broken Beach

broken beach

Broken Beach is known locally as Pasih Uug. It’s a stunning place on Nusa Penida Island. The ocean carved an archway through the rocks, leaving behind a big hole. This frame forms a perfect view of the ocean. It’s a quiet, romantic place, especially at sunset.

To enter, you should know there’s no entrance fee, just pay a little for parking your car or scooter. This money helps keep Broken Beach beautiful. You can visit any time between sunrise and sunset. But going in the morning might be cooler and quieter.

Broken Beach is beautiful but not for swimming or jumping. It’s too risky. Instead, walk around and take in the views. The walk around the area takes about 10 minutes. It’s best to spend an hour here seeing everything.

There are great places to eat near Broken Beach. You can choose from simple warungs to fancier places. The food and the view will be amazing. Nearby hotels include Maua Nusa Penida and others. Each one offers a special place to stay.

If you want to see more, there are other cool places nearby. Angel’s Billabong, Kelingking Beach, and Crystal Bay are not far. They each have their own special beauty. Visiting these spots will add to your Nusa Penida adventure.

Entrance Fee
Parking Fee10,000 IDR per car / 5,000 IDR per scooter
Average Sunshine9 hours per day
Recommended HotelsMaua Nusa Penida, Adiwana Warnakali Resort, Pramana Natura Nusa Penida, Hotel Arsa Santhi Nusa Penida
Other Attractions NearbyAngel’s Billabong, Kelingking Beach, Crystal Bay

Seeing the sunset at Broken Beach is amazing. It’s peaceful and beautiful. It’s only a short boat ride away from Bali. This makes it a top spot to visit on Nusa Penida.

Crystal Bay

crystal bay sunset

Crystal Bay is a top spot on Nusa Penida with its clear, calm water full of sea life. It’s perfect for hanging out and doing water activities like snorkeling. The evenings here are peaceful, and the sunsets are amazing. The beach is lined with palm trees, making it a great place for photos.

Getting to Crystal Bay is easy, about a 24-minute ride from Scuba Junkie Penida by taxi or scooter. A round-trip taxi costs 150,000 IDR. Also, there is a small parking fee of 2K IDR. You can rent a bean bag chair for 25K IDR to make your visit more comfortable.

  • Time to Crystal Bay: 24 minutes by taxi or scooter from Scuba Junkie Penida
  • Taxi fare: 150,000 IDR return
  • Parking cost: 5K IDR
  • Bean bag chair rental: 25K IDR

Crystal Bay is famous for its sunsets among Nusa Penida beaches. Here, you can enjoy tasty Indonesian food and drinks from local eateries. The best time to come is when you want to snorkel, swim, or see the stunning sunset.

There’s more to explore near Crystal Bay like Pandan Beach and Angel’s Billabong. Driving can be risky due to the island’s roads. But, this sunset haven is a must-visit on your Nusa Penida trip.

DestinationDistance from Scuba Junkie PenidaEstimated Taxi Fare
Crystal Bay20 minutes150,000 IDR return
AMARTA Penida15 minutes300,000 IDR return
Amok Sunset25 minutes400,000 IDR return

Amok Sunset

amok sunset

Amok Sunset Nusa Penida combines great food with amazing sunset views. It was founded in August 2018. The place offers a mix of meals from around the world. They use ingredients from nearby and have a wide selection of wines. They also offer dishes for vegetarians and vegans.

The view at Amok Sunset is like no other. It stands high at 120 meters, giving a full view of the area by the pool. Visitors can use the Amok Sunset Nests. These are private spots up high that offer a full view. This spot is perfect for sunset watching on Nusa Penida.

Getting to Amok Sunset is easy with a shuttle from the main road. Or, if you’re coming from Scuba Junkie Penida, a taxi can take you for about 400,000 IDR round trip. It’s a good idea to book ahead because it’s very popular.

Amok Sunset is lively, especially during Happy Hour from 5 pm to 6 pm. They offer a free second cocktail then. They also have techno parties with famous DJs. These events often last late into the night.

The sun setting over the water is a beautiful sight. Diners are served well by a team. Many of them are locals. The great view and service make it a top pick for sunset viewing on Nusa Penida.

FromDestinationApproximate Taxi Cost (IDR, round trip)
Scuba Junkie PenidaKelingking Beach550,000
Scuba Junkie PenidaCrystal Bay150,000
Scuba Junkie PenidaAmok Sunset400,000
Scuba Junkie PenidaAmarta Penida300,000
Scuba Junkie Penidabroken beach (pasih uug) 550,000

Teletubbies Hill

teletubies hill

Teletubbies Hill is in the village of Tanglad, Nusa Penida Subdistrict, Bali. It’s named after the kids’ show. The lush green hills there are like the Teletubbies’ home. It’s a peaceful place for watching the sunset. The sun turns the soft hills a golden color. This makes a beautiful scene, different from the usual beach sunsets. It’s a special spot for sunset views in Nusa Penida.

The perfect time to see the sunset at Teletubbies Hill is 5.00 PM from April to December. This is when the rain makes everything extra green. A little hike is needed, so wear good shoes. This will help you see all the beautiful island views. It takes about 60 minutes by speed boat from Bali. You can also rent a scooter for about IDR 80,000 from places like Kutampi Village and Ship Harbor. They’re not too far away, about 20 kilometers.

Teletubbies Hill is known for its calm and beautiful land. It’s great for leisurely walks and quiet times. This spot is ideal for watching the sunset away from the big crowds. You’ll see a vast, different side of Nusa Penida’s beauty here. It’s a refreshing change from the busy coastlines.


What are the best sunset spots in Nusa Penida?

Some perfect sunset spots in Nusa Penida are Kelingking Beach, Broken Beach, and Crystal Bay. Also, don’t miss Amok Sunset and Teletubbies Hill. These places let you see amazing views as the sun goes down.

Where can I find the best sunset view at Kelingking Beach?

To catch the best sunset at Kelingking, head to the clifftop. You’ll get to see the T-Rex rock, the beach, and the sea all at once. While the ground is rough, staying at the top is safer and easier.

Are there good dining spots to watch the sunset near Broken Beach?

Yes, cafes by Broken Beach are perfect for watching the sunset. They serve snacks and meals. This makes it a great place to unwind and see the stunning view.

Is Crystal Bay a good location for sunset photography?

Yes, Crystal Bay is excellent for taking sunset photos. Its beach and water are beautiful for shots. The palm trees add to the scene, making your photos even better.

What makes Amok Sunset a popular sunset viewing spot in Nusa Penida?

Amok Sunset is a hit because of its great food and view. You can eat tasty dishes and drink while the sun sets. It is wise to book a spot early because it’s well-liked.

How can I enjoy a sunset experience at Teletubbies Hill?

Head to Teletubbies Hill for a different sunset view. Its green hills are perfect for a calm walk or to relax. Remember to wear good shoes for this mild hike to enjoy it to the fullest.