Crystal bay is one of the best beaches in Nusa Penida where you can relax on the sunbed, chill, and hang out with your friends and family at the local beach shacks if you are into snorkeling and diving, then Crystal Bay is the best spot to go to. Is this place just science fiction or is it as beautiful as pictured on the Internet? If you are planning your trip to Nusa Penida then you better as well read through this detailed Guide because the journey is incomplete without Crystal Bay Nusa Penida.

Crystal Bay is for sure one of the top places to visit on the West side of Nusa Penida. As the name suggests, it’s a secluded cove with a 200-meter stretch of white sandy beach, in between the beautiful palm-fringed trees and green hills. In combination with the clear turquoise water, the beach gives off real island life vibes.

The Turtle Island

As intriguing as it seems, is just a rock in the middle of the bay. A stairway leads to a small temple built on top of this Rock island from where you can overlook wonders of the Crystal beach. However, access is limited to Hindus only, because of the temple.

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Dolphins at the Crystal Bay Nusa Penida

Distinct from other beaches on the East coast of the Nusa Penida, arriving at this tropical island you will encounter a whole new world of marine life and very colorful corals. The extremely gorgeous and friendly dolphins will make your day and even partner with you whilst snorkeling.

The Famous Mola Mola Fish

All year round, many visitors come to visit this beach on vacation but they miss out on the chance to meet the famous Mola Mola fish. Since they mostly come for snorkeling or diving, they do not know that between July and October a huge sunfish also comes to take pleasure in diving underwater. And when they see this giant fish right in front of their eyes, in the 30-meter-deep water, can be intimidating at first. But, worry not, because you are reading this article, you already know of the Mola Mola season, so whether or not you should visit the beach between July and October, the following guidelines about the Sunfish will help you.

The Famous sunfish is graceful and giant having a diameter of over 3 meters and weighs about a ton. As you already know the fish season is between July and October because the water temperature lowers. the fish leaves its usual depth (about a hundred meters below the water surface) and arises up to 20-30 meters below the surface (within range of deep divers and snorkelers).

Crystal Bay Beach Facilities

Beach Sports

The waves in Crystal Bay beach are mostly in favor of Surfers, but if you get wiped out you will fall on the shallow sandy bottom of the beach. Some visitors even join the Volleyball matches ringing at the back of the coach. So if you are not much of a surfer, then you can try your luck by playing volleyball. 

Relax and Food refreshments

Exercising on the beach can get you tired early so to fill you up there are warungs (small eateries) and local food shacks where you can get snorkel rings, enjoy refreshments and bottled drinks and relax on the sunbeds with parasol on rent provided by the locals to enjoy the beautiful beach view. There are also a few temples at the main beach in between the palm trees and coconut trees for you to sip up fresh coconut juice. You can take amazing pictures wearing a sarong in the temple.

Snorkeling and Diving

The Crystal Bay beach is especially known for its clear water full of wonders of marine life making snorkeling and deep scuba diving an amazing experience. If you have a fit body but need a relaxing mind, then it’s a great opportunity to snorkel, swim or dive underwater and get to meet intriguing sea life.

Spending hours underwater, you will encounter colorful coral reefs, all kinds of fish, turtles, manta rays, or even the famous Sunfish. But be careful of the water currents, and don’t try to get too far beyond as to lose sight of the reference mooring points of the boats. It’s better to avoid the right side of Crystal Bay because the currents and waves are strong or try using fins for extra power. Booking a scuba diving tour guide is perhaps the best and safest option.

How to arrive at Crystal Bay Nusa Penida

The route is pretty straightforward since Crystal Bay is located on the western coast of Nusa Penida, but you have to first reach Nusa Penida. For that, a 60-minute boat trip from Sanur costs about 75.000 IDR ($9) and can take you to Nusa Penida. Or if you are at Kusamba, it can take short 20 minutes.

Upon arrival at Nusa Penida, it’s best to rent a scooter or a car if you are a group of people at the Penida harbor. A car with a driver can cost you IDR 700.000 ($35) and can serve a maximum of 6 people. Whereas a scooter can serve two people costing IDR 100,000 IDR which is about $8 USD.
From the main town of Toyah Pakeh, it’s approximately a 35-40 min ride to your destination Crystal Bay Beach.

Passing by the Namaste Bungalow, take a turn right and you will reach the Crystal bay parking lot. Parking at the lot will cost about 5000 IDR (0.5 USD).

A few tips to consider for convenient transport:

  • Be sure to wear a helmet for safety reasons
  • You may as well buy travel insurance just in case
  • The roads aren’t upgraded and have many potholes and loose gravel along the way, be sure to watch out for them
  • Try riding with a driver who is well-versed in the roads
  • Renting a scooter will cost 100,000 IDR (8 USD) which can take 30 minutes.

Crystal Bay Sunset view from the Rock island

Depending on the season, Sunset in Crystal bay doesn’t always picture in the same place. But, if you get to see the beautiful sunset view right from the small temple in the middle of the bay, by far that is the most attractive insta-capture scene. As the Sun finally sets, the sky changes color into all forms of hues, ranging from red to orange.

The view is further great from the stairs on the west side of the beach leading to the top hill. This stairway always leads to a second beach which is often deserted as compared to Crystal bay. Most people who enjoy hiking would rather take a stroll on Broken beach beside Crystal bay.

sunset at crystal bay

What should you bring to Crystal Bay?

If you wish to make this a memorable experience for you then bring this stuff along.


The Sun arrives early and sets at nearly 6:30 pm, but the rays are extremely strong. So make sure to rub your skin against high-quality Sunscreen.

Easy-Absorbent towel

To dry off quickly, keep your skin nice and smooth. You should buy a Quick-dry towel that is compact and lightweight.

Refillable water bottles

Exercising or snorkeling or even hiking at Broken Beach, can drain your energy quickly, so to keep yourself well-hydrated and fresh a reusable water bottle should be in your backpack.


The camera should be an ideal choice since for most it varies. So unless you have a favorite, it’s recommended to buy an affordable, compact, high-quality, and lightweight camera easy to carry and use when necessary.


Yes, the island is as beautiful as pictured. There are lots of temples and palm trees forested backyard where you can take insta-famous pictures. The famous rock in the middle of the bay and the stairway leading to the top are other interesting spots. The island is famous for snorkeling and provides deep diving or snorkeling under supervised professionals.

The Mola Mola fish usually is seen from July to September especially when cold water thermoclines are uprising.

The Sunfish poses no threat to deep divers, even injuries from the fish are rarely encountered. The Sunfish is rather shyer and gets along with divers at certain sites. However, sunfish leaping onto boats is a common site.

The Mola Mola fish is very huge and flat, with a tiny mouth and big eyes. It’s silvery-grey in color and the big body ends with a truncated tail.

Several deep dives in Crystal bay beach have reported observing thresher sharks, peaceful in the blue water.