Nusa Penida is one of the most beautiful places on Bali, but is it really worth it considering all other aspects?

Now when we talk about food – we all want tasty food especially when we’re spending money. Nusa Penida is home to a diverse range of traditional cuisine that combines elements of Balinese and Nusantarian food culture. This article covers Nusa Penida Best restaurants.

Some of the most famous meals you can get in Nusa Penida include:

    • Babi Guling: a traditional Balinese dish made from whole roasted pig, usually stuffed with a mixture of spices, herbs and vegetables.
    • Bebek Betutu: a traditional Balinese dish made from slow-roasted duck, marinated in a mixture of spices and herbs.
    • Sate Lilit: a traditional Balinese dish made from minced fish or meat, seasoned with a mixture of spices and herbs, and grilled on skewers.
    • Bebek Goreng: a traditional Nusantarian dish made from deep-fried duck, usually served with a spicy sambal sauce.
    • Nasi Campur: a traditional Nusantarian dish consisting of steamed rice served with a variety of side dishes, such as meat or fish, vegetables, and sambal sauce.
    • Rujak: a traditional Nusantarian fruit salad made from a variety of fruits, such as mango, papaya, and pineapple, mixed with a spicy and sweet sauce made from peanuts and palm sugar.
    • Gado-gado: a traditional Nusantarian dish made from steamed vegetables, boiled egg, and tofu, all mixed with peanut sauce.
    • Mie Goreng: a traditional Nusantarian dish made from stir-fried egg noodles, mixed with vegetables and meat

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Nusa Penida Best Restaurants

Following are the best restaurants in Nusa Penida where you can find savory foods and drinks.

El Kane Nusa Penida

El Kane Nusa Penida is one of the best restaurants in Nusa Penida. It is located in Jl. Raya Toya Pakeh, Nusa Penida.

It’s a Mexican restaurant that serves vegetarian friendly food to its customers. with numerous gluten-free options to choose from, you’ll be surprised! Kindly note that it’s working time is from 7 AM to 10 PM. On average, people have rated the El Kande Nusa Penida restaurant 4.5 stars out of 5.

The food and services rating is 5/5 and the value rates 4.5/5. You’ll find numerous options in the menu that generally range between US $2 to US $16. It’s quite an economical restaurant that includes Mexican cuisines.  You should definitely visit this place if you want a change from Indonesian food.

The staff is very welcoming and passionate. The drinks are quite amazing. When we talk about food, the burritos and tacos are quite special. You can also come here for breakfast. For vegans, they have special vegan burgers. You can also get grilled chicken and port most since these are quite tasty as well.

nusa penida best restaurant

Image Source: el kane

Warung Jun

Located in the Jl. Raya Klumpu – Toya Pakeh, this Asian restaurant is quite famous for its food and vegetarian friendly options. It’s open from 11 AM to 10PM and is one the second number from 17 restaurants in Sakti.

With menu ranging from numerous options for lunch and dinner. You can enjoy both Asian and Indonesian food here. The price for each meal is quite reasonable and the staff is kind and helpful. They give good suggestions and recommendations for meals.

The food is delicious and fresh – from the juices over veggies to all kinds of meat and fish. Here, the curry is by far the best in the entire Bali. Curry with tofu and gado-gado are the famous meals here. From drinks, the milkshake from white dragon fruit with lime is the tastiest drink you’ll have here.

Ogix Warung

Ogix Warun is one of the best restaurants in Banjar Angkal, Desa Suana. It ranks number 7th out of the 70 restaurants in Nusa Penida. Its working hours are from 9AM to 10PM.

From Indonesian, to Asian and seafood, they have everything in their menu! You can also get vegetarian friendly and began options here. For people looking for gluten-free options, you can find several options here as well.

The meals in the menu include breakfast, lunch, dinner, and brunch as well. The restaurant also features some facilities like Takeout, Reservations, Outdoor Seating, Seating, Parking Available, Serves Alcohol, Full Bar, Free Wifi, Table Service.

You’ll find the best cocktail in town here and freshly cooked meals. It’s the best restaurant when you are on the way to Diamond beach east side of Nusa Penida. You can also see some manta or fishes from your table, therefore the view is fantastic. The spaghetti bolognaise and orange squash are a great combo here.

nusa penida best restaurant

Image Source: ogix warung

The Chill Penida

The Chill Penida is quite a chill restaurant in Nusa Penida that contains meals within the range $1 to $9. The restaurant involves healthy food, bar, pizza, café and international meals as well. You can find some really amazing vegan options here.

It is located at Jl. Raya Batumulapan, and offers lunch, breakfast, dinner, and brunch as well. The features include Outdoor Seating, Seating, Serves Alcohol, Delivery, Takeout, Reservations, Parking Available, Highchairs Available, Wine and Beer, Free Wifi, Accepts Credit Cards, Table Service, Live Music, Waterfront, Beach, Non-smoking restaurants.

It’s working hours are from 8AM to 10PM. The restaurant is super clean and gives cool vibes with a perfect music in the background. You can enjoy view of the infinite pool. the European food here is excellent, and the tacos are super tasty.

Image Source: the chill

Sunny Cafe Penida

Sunny Cafe Penida is a Mexican, Mediterranean, Thai, Indonesian, and American café in Nusa Penida. It ranks number 7th out of 36 restaurants in Ped. You’ll find tasty vegetarian friendly and vegan option here.

The meals include breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is located in the Jl. Raya Toya Pakeh – Ped Jam Buka Setiap Hari. Pumpkin curry, great chicken pad Thai, loaded nachos, chicken burger, quesadillas, fried spiced snapper, chicken curry, and tuna sandwich are super amazing here.

Not to forget the drinks, lime and alcoholic drinks are super chilling here and there are a lot of options for kids as well. There’s cappuccino which you can drink while relax in the soothing and calm environment.

Warung Legong Nusa Penida

Being on number 1 restaurant out of the 15 restaurants in Batununggul, this Chinese, America, Asian, and European restaurant is quite famous for its food, drinks and ambience. It is open from 11AM to 11PM.

Like other restaurants, you can find vegetarian friendly and vegan options here as well. There are lunch, dinner and drinks in the menu. The features include Reservations, Serves Alcohol, Full Bar, Table Service, Outdoor Seating, Seating.

Warun Legong is a nice restaurant with quick and fresh food delivery. The Indonesian food served here is quite delicious, but so are the other options. It’s a nice place to have a family diner. The quesadilla, beef teriyaki, beed cap coy, baby ketjap, and chicken soup are quite famous here. The pasta and burger are super tasty but they’re a bit expensive. However, the Indonesian food here is quite cheap.

Singabu Sand Beach Resto And Bar

This restaurant ranks on the 5th number out of 17 international restaurants in Nusa Penida. The food here is super reasonable as it ranges from $2 to $7. It is located in the Jl. Ped – Buyuk Singabu Bungalows and offers Mexican, International, Asian, and Indonesian food.

From vegetarian friendly, to vegan options and gluten-free options, you’ll find meals for all sorts of people here. Facilities include Takeout, Reservations, Seating, Television, Serves Alcohol, Full Bar, Free Wifi, Accepts Credit Cards, Table Service, Street Parking, Live Music.

The pizza, grilled tuna steal, cocktails, fish sate, beef teriyaki, and watermelon juice are quite famous here. There are bean bags in the lounge or at the hammock, next to a pool where you can enjoy sitting and relax the soothing environment.

Warnakali Restaurant

It is the number 1 restaurant in Sakti. Offering café, international, Asian, fusion, and Indonesian food, the restaurant offers meals like lunch, dinner, brunch, and drinks.

The staff here is extremely friendly and always open to give great suggestions on food. So if you’re new here, you can definitely ask them for some guidance. The view and location of the place is super amazing and mesmerizing. If you ever visit this place then don’t forget to have the taste beef burger, chicken curry, cheesy pizza, and the drinks here.

Warung Forest

Although, the name may confuse you, this place is actually a restaurant. It is located in Jl. Pura Dasar Banjar Angkal Suana and ranks the number 1 out of 70 restaurants in Nusa Penida.

If you’re BBQ lover, then this one is for you as this place serves Bar, Barbecue, Asian, Indonesian, and European food. The timings are 7Am to 11PM. With super economical prices, within the range $1 to $4, it is extremely affordable.

You can get options for vegetarian friendly meals and vegan and gluten free options as well. Features include Takeout, Reservations, Outdoor Seating, Seating, Serves Alcohol, Table Service. The ambience is quite simple, like a Warung away from the roads or villages.

Popular meals here are seafood basker, fresh grilled fish, check smack down, chicken geprek, Chicen rica-rica, etc.

Warung Jungle

It is one of the most famous barbecue spots in Nusa Penida. Located in Tanjung Akuh, the cuisines involve Asian, Indonesian, Seafood, and Barbecue options. You can get vegetarian friendly and vegan options as well. The meals involve lunch and dinner.

It is open from 9AM to 10PM, and the BBQ here is super famous. You can order BBQ red snapper with juices like watermelon juice and iced lemon tea. The staff here is lovely, and the place gives soothing vibes. The prices are reasonable as well.

Penida Colada Beach Bar

A really cool and cozy place which is located in the Jl. Raya Ped, Ped. This bar offers Seafood, and international food with bar. The Vegetarian friendly and vegan options are great and gluten free options are available as well.

The features of the restaurant include Parking Available, Outdoor Seating, Seating, Street Parking, Serves Alcohol, Wine and Beer, Free Wifi, Accepts Credit Cards, Live Music, Waterfront, Beach. Not only is the food quality and taste amazing, but the quantity as well. This place is great to spend time sunbathing, enjoy the music drinks and food.

They have Good curry chicken, coconut crepes with banana, cocktails, Pesto, sweet potato fries, king prawns, and bacon. Other options are delicious as well.

Image Source: penida colada


Although there are numerous restaurants in Nusa Penida, we have listed the Nusa Penida best restaurants above. We carefully picked each option so that the category can match different individuals’ taste. Whether you’re American, Mexican, Indonesian, Asian, or international, you will definitely find a great restaurant in the options above.

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